DREAM150 – Final Year Case Study

All refugees have at least one thing in common, and that is dreams. Dreams of a better life, dreams to live life the way they want to live, and dreams to do the things they want to do safely and happily. There are, and always will be many stories told of Canadian refugees. The human spirit, the complex emotional pull, the traumatic life events, the unattainable dream, but most importantly, the drive to chase that dream. All refugees have one thing in common, and that is dreams. Through many revisions, this group has created an art exhibit that explores the effect of changing dreams and life goals, through the form of a fictional voting booth. This will not only create an engaging experience but also lead to creating a database that will enable others in the future the ability to change their career paths and/or childhood dreams. Using machine learning in the future could lead to specialised feedback and recommendations.


  • Creative Lead
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  • Interaction Design
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  • Dreamer