Semiotic Analysis of Final Fantasy XIII and “Paradigm Shift”

Something I observed in College was the disconnect to the material that we were being taught and the attention of some of the younger classmates of mine. While personally I would question their motives or preperation for the program itself but I could relate either way. This was not a complaint for all teachers but there were some that didn’t put enough effort to connect the teachings to something that the students are interested in or effected by.

So I challenged myself to create a presentation for my Semiotics course that would not only be a teachable experience but also one that wouldn’t lose the attention of my audience. I could and have grouped my students into various circles and categories and for this the one that allowed the most coverage was appealing to the “Gamers” and the “Graphic Designers”. I would do this by picking a subject that would allow me to play to both of those stregnths. The subject I went with was Final Fantasy XIII and looking at its Paradigm Shift and why they might have used this specific term for their new Battle System.

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