Open Workspace & Experience Guide – Concept/Presentation for EDF

This presentation was the result of an International Design Charrette on behalf of EDF. My old professor wanted to test the concept of remote and virtual design charrettes to remove the barrier of distance. The client was the energy company EDF, who was looking to improve one of their new buildings that the initially designed and built for open workspaces and collaboration but were finding that the employees were not using it as such. I was asked to lead the Toronto team that would be looking at the lounge/lunch area. Our problem was two-fold in that we needed to work with a team in France that had more physical experience with the building and also to find a solution to turn the underutilized lounge area into something that promotes and encourages collaboration. Our concept revolves around the idea/concept of a “Branding Guide” for the “User Experience”, something that could be applied to multiple floors and companies (We had found out from the client that they have multiple third-party clients in the building that work on research projects). The guide would be something that could grow and evolve with EDF as well as with input from the people that use the areas.

I would love to expand on this idea for other industries or companies to foster not only better working areas but also better work lives.

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